We are a third-generation

ranching family in Northeastern B.C. Canada living 140km NorthWest of Fort Saint John

We love the ranching lifestyle, and hunting, fishing, gardening, canning and cheesemaking are a few of the many things we love to do!
We run a herd of 460 Simmental cows, consisting of both purebred and commercials. We also raise purebred bulls for our annual yearling bull sale in March. For us, calving happens from mid-January to early April.

During the many years of January/February calving, we have seen plenty of cold periods. When calving is in full swing and day-old calves need to go out sooner to make room for the new calves, frozen ears are a reality.

Over the years we have tried several different methods to keep the ears from freezing

Issues such as calf hats slipping off, being too tight and causing calves to sulk, not being able to identify the calves who are wearing them, and sore ears seemed to plague us at every turn. This brought us to the point where we said to ourselves:
“There absolutely has to be a better way!”
So we set out to make a product that addressed the issues we found with all the other options that we had tried.
As we experimented with different product designs, one day we sadly lost a calf during birth.
However, we were able to use the calf’s measurements to create a pattern that was custom fit to the shape of a calf head. We came up with a preliminary pattern based on the calf skin, followed by many late nights at the sewing machine. There were many trips to the barn with needle, thread and tape measure in hand to try it on several calves and make any necessary adjustments.

Now, we have what we believe to be the most effective, efficient, best-fitting and most versatile calf hat available!

Welcome to the
Kalf Kozie!

Kalf Kozies have been a solution that has worked very well for us and we hope to offer you the same success by making it a little easier to protect your calves’ ears during those cold snaps that inevitably come every year.
Wishing you, your family, and your calves all the best!
Georg and Sarah Weitzel

Refund Policy

Kalf Kozie!
Designed by Georg and Sarah Weitzel

At Kalf Kozies, we stand behind our products. Kalf Kozies are designed to last for up to several seasons with proper care and storage.

You can return your un-used Kalf Kozie for a full refund to the store where it was purchased, or if it was purchased online, you may return it to us. It must be unused; simply used and washed will not be accepted.

If you purchase a Kalf Kozie and it has manufacturer defects, please contact us with a description of the issue and photos if you have them. We can either send you a replacement or issue a refund.