Calf Comfy blankets provide a way to keep your calves warm and dry even in the harshest calving conditions.

Cold, wet calves are a leading cause of sickness and death among calves and can cost you thousands every calving season.

Calf Comfy blankets are designed specifically with your calves in mind. From the comfortable, secure fit for newborns and larger calves, to the rugged, durable outer and inner linings, our current design is based on years of testing and improvements until we have created the #1 Calf Blanket available to beef and dairy producers.
Cold, wet calves easily catch life-threatening sicknesses that can result in in anything from stunting their growth to being their permanent demise. In addition to the incredible hardship on the calf, a sick calf results in very costly treatments and/or vet bills for the producer.

Now, with Calf Comfy blankets, you can greatly reduce the chances of your calves getting sick. By simply keeping your calves warm and dry, you give them the best possible chance for healthy growth and get them ready to leave the calving pens with their Mom as soon as possible.

With a water-resistant coating, rugged, durable straps, and heavy-duty lining to provide maximum warmth and durability, Calf Comfy blankets will ensure your calf stays healthy this calving season.

When used together with our Kalf Kozies calf hats, your calf is kept protected from the harsh elements and is able to develop a strong, healthy immune system that will benefit him for the rest of his life.
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Refund Policy

Kalf Kozie!
Designed by Georg and Sarah Weitzel

At Kalf Kozies, we stand behind our products. Kalf Kozies are designed to last for up to several seasons with proper care and storage.

You can return your un-used Kalf Kozie for a full refund to the store where it was purchased, or if it was purchased online, you may return it to us. It must be unused; simply used and washed will not be accepted.

If you purchase a Kalf Kozie and it has manufacturer defects, please contact us with a description of the issue and photos if you have them. We can either send you a replacement or issue a refund.